Starting (restarting) a product on amazon

1We do a marketing research of a niche (7-10 sales leaders), analysis of reviews (2500-3000 pieces), draw up analytical and economic reports.
2Based on a marketing research, we compose a set of keys (HF, MF, LF: 2500-3000 pieces), divide them into clusters, and calculate quantitative indicators of relevance.
3Using the research results, we create the Terms of Reference, which describes the scenarios of the sales funnel, requirements for the 3D model and 3D photo for listing and EBC.
4We create realistic 3D models of the product, on their basis we make attractive, eye-catching main photos, effective and visual infographics, realistic emotional photos of the use of lifestyle goods (people, locations, scenery).
5We form the text blocks of the listing (titles, bullets, discription, etc.). Checked by a native speaker. We carry out indexing and SEO optimization.
6We develop text and 3D photos for Enhanced Brand Content in order to provide customers with additional information about the product and brand, which favorably distinguishes the product from competitors.
7Based on the set of key words with the calculated relevance, we form 5-7 basic PPC advertising campaigns and scenarios of working with them for the next 2-3 months.
Thus, having completed a set of studies, preparing materials according to a unified methodology –

you get an effective start (restart) of goods and high sales.